Academic Staf

Academic Staf
 School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship / Pusat Pengajian Inovasi Perniagaan dan Teknousahawan (PPIPT)


Name Prof Dato’ Wira Dr Salleh Hj Din
Qualifications PhD. SME (University of Durham)
MBA (Finance and Marketing), Miami University
Area of Expertise Entrepreneurship and small business
E-Mail sallehdin@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-976 6462

Name Prof. Dr Rosni Bakar
Qualifications PhD Economic, University of Exeter, England
MA (Economic) Eastern Illinios University, USA
Area of Expertise Economics
E-Mail rosni@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-9798400

Associate Professor

Description: http://attendance.unimap.edu.my/imejiushrm.asp?id=1289 Name Prof Madya Dr. Hazry bin Desa
Qualifications PhD (Oita, Japan),
B.Eng (Tokushima, Japan)
Area of Expertise Robots and Mobile Machines
E-Mail hazry@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 7701

Name Prof. Madya Ku Halim Bin Haji Ku Ariffin
Qualifications Master of Public Administration, USM/Syracuse
Area of Expertise Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management
E-Mail ku.halim@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-977 2890

Name Prof. Madya Mohamed Murray Hunter
Qualifications Master of Organizational Behaviour
Bsc.of Organizational Behaviour
Area of Expertise Entrepreneurship, Innovation
E-Mail murray@umimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-9798171

Name Prof. Madya Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
Qualifications D.B.A., Kanagawa University (Japan)
Area of Expertise International Business Management and Human Resource Management.
E-Mail yoshifumi@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8371

Name Prof. Madya. Lt. Kol. (B) Azuddin Bin Bahari
Qualifications M.B.A., (Leicester)
Area of Expertise Enterprenuership
Occupational Safety and Health
Disaster Management
E-Mail azuddin@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 7734
Name Prof. Madya. Dr. Aminul Islam

Advanced Diploma in Teaching in higher education (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Area of Expertise Finance, Accounting & Marketing
E-Mail amin@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 7734
Name Prof. Madya. Dr. Idris Bin Mohd Noor

PhD, The Victoria University of Manchester, UK
Master of Education, University of Birmingham, UK
Bachelor of Arts and Education (Hons), USM

Area of Expertise Curriculum Studies, Curriculum Design, Research Methodology
E-Mail idris@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 7704

Senior Lecturer

Name Dr. Mohd Suberi Bin Ab. Halim

PhD (Financial Management), USM
MCS (Project Management), USM
B. of. Economics, (Hons), UM

Area of Expertise Financial Management Analysis
E-Mail suberi@unimap.edu.my
Phone (H/P) 012-5801271
Name Tn. Hj. Rusli Abd. Hamid
Qualifications MBA (UKM)
Area of Expertise Marketing, Public Management,
Human Resource Management
E-Mail rusli@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7731

Lecturer (DS45)

Name Encik Adi Anuar Bin Azmin @ Che Wan
Qualifications M. Education, UTM
BBA (Hons), UiTM
Dip. Banking, UiTM
Area of Expertise Business Law & Professional Ethics.
E-Mail adianuar@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8363

Name Encik Ahmad Zulhusny Bin Rozali
Qualifications M.Sc. (I.T. Entrepreneurship), UTM
B.Sc. (Comp. Science), UTM
Area of Expertise Information Technology, Entreprenuership,
Modelling and Industrial Computing.
E-Mail zulhusny@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7702

Name Puan Atikah Nor Binti Johari
Qualifications M.BA, UUM
B.BA (Finance) Hons., UUM
Area of Expertise Management, Business, Entrepreneurship,
Human Resource Management,
Organizational Theory and Development.
E-Mail atikahnor@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7733

Name Cik Azlini Bt Che Hassan @ Hassan
Qualifications MBA, UUM
BBA (Hons) (HRM), UUM
Area of Expertise Business, Entrepreneurship,
Human Resource Management.
E-Mail azlini@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7717

Name Puan Dayang Hasliza Binti Muhd Yusuf
Qualifications BBA (Hons), IIUM
Master of Science (Finance), IIUM
Area of Expertise Banking & Finance,
Islamic Banking
E-Mail dayanghasliza@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8908

Name Encik Hirwan Jasbir Jaafar
Qualifications M. Sc. Of HRD , (UPM)
LLB(Hons), (UKM)
Area of Expertise Law, Human Resource Development
E-Mail hirwan@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8565

Name Puan Husna ‘Afifi Binti Mohd Yusoff @ Mat Jusoh
Qualifications M. Sc. Of Information Management , (UiTM)
BPM(Hons), (UUM)
Area of Expertise Information Management,
Public Administration,
E-Mail husnaafifi@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8715

Name Puan Julinawati Bt Suanda
Qualifications MBA (UUM),
Bac. Of Public Management (Hons) (UUM)
Area of Expertise Marketing and Management
E-Mail julina@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7714

Name Encik Ku Amir Bin Ku Daud
Qualifications MBA, UUM
BBA (Marketing) , UiTM
Area of Expertise Business,
E-Mail kuamir@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 1062

Name Encik Muhammad Faisal Bin Hamidi @ Abdul Rani
Qualifications M.Sc. (Management) Hons, UUM
International Business Management (Hons), UUM
Area of Expertise Entrepreneurship and International Business Management
E-Mail faisalhamidi@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-9798171

Name Puan Norshahrizan Binti Nordin
Qualifications MSc. (ICT), UUM
B.Tech.Mgmt (Mfg & IT), UUM
Dip.in Mfg.Tech (KUSZA)
Area of Expertise Manufacturing Technology,
Information Technology
E-Mail norshahrizan@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8643

Description: nur syuhadah (Small) Name Puan Nur Syuhadah Binti Kamaruddin
Qualifications MBA (General Management), UUM
B.BA. (Operation Management), UUM
Diploma Business Studies, ITM
Area of Expertise Operation & Quality Management
E-Mail syuhadah@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7719

Name Encik Raziff Bin Jamaluddin
Qualifications MBA., UiTM
B.BA. (International Business) Hons., UiTM
Diploma in Business Study
Area of Expertise Strategic Management,
International Business.
E-Mail raziff@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 8379

Name Puan Siti Nor Junita Binti Mohd Radzi
Qualifications MSc. (International Accounting),UUM
Bachelor in Accounting ,UiTM
Diploma in Accounting ,UiTM
Area of Expertise Accounting, Public Accounting, Finance
E-Mail sitijunita@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 7737

Name En Tareq Hossain
Qualifications Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Area of Expertise Business Sustainability, Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility
E-Mail tareq@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 7877

Name Puan Suraiya Binti Ibrahim
Qualifications MBA ( Accounting), UUM
Bachelor In Accountancy (BAcc), UiTM
Diploma In Accountancy (DIA), UiTM
Area of Expertise Accounting
E-Mail suraiya@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04 – 979 8458

Name Puan Suriani Binti Sukri
Qualifications MBA, UUM
Bac.of Business Administration (BBA), (Finance), UUM
Area of Expertise Business Management,
E-Mail surianisukri@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7723

Name Y.M. Pn. Tengku Suriani Tengku Yaacob
Qualifications MBA,University of Center Missouri
BSc. In Business Administration and Computer Science Indiana State University
Area of Expertise Marketing, Management and IT
E-Mail tengkusuriani@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7705

Name Puan Wan Sallha Binti Yusoff
Qualifications MBA (Accounting), UUM
BAcct. (Hons), UUM
Area of Expertise Financial Accounting,
Management Accounting,
International Accounting,
E-Mail wansallha@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-9798171

Name En. Muhammad Shariff Ismail
Qualifications Master in Business Administration
Universiti Utara Malaysia
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, Southbank University London.
Area of Expertise Financial Accounting,
Management Accounting,
International Accounting
E-Mail shariff@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7715

Description: Hafizah3 Name Cik Hafizah Abdul Rahim
Qualifications Master in Economics
International Islamic Universiti  Malaysia (IIUM)
Bachelor of Shariah & Economics (Hons), University Malaya
Area of Expertise Economics,
Islamic Economics,
Islamic Banking and Finance
E-Mail hafizahrahim@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7713

Name En. Mohd. Shahidan Shaari
Qualifications Master in Economics,UUM
Bachelor of Economics,UUM
Area of Expertise Economics
E-Mail shahidanshaari@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7716

Description: [JJJ.bmp] Name Pn. Bibi Noraini Mohd Yusof
Qualifications MSc. International Business, UUM
Bachelor of International Business Management, UUM
Area of Expertise International Business
E-Mail bibinoraini@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office)  

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 Name Cik Syahida binti Kamil
Qualifications Msc. Finance, UUM
BBA (Finance),  UiTM
Area of Expertise Finance
E-Mail syahidakamil@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office)  

Name En. Mohd Fitri Mansor
Qualifications MSc. Management, UUM
Bachelor of Art (Hons) Business Adminstration (Human Resource Management),
Coventry University, UK
Area of Expertise Human Resource Management
E-Mail fitrimansor@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office)  

Name Pn. Siti Nor Wahida binti Shukeri
Qualifications Master of Science in Accounting, IIUM
Bachelor in Accounting, IIUM
Area of Expertise Accounting, Auditing, Financial Reporting & Corporate Governance
E-Mail sitinorwahida@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7720

Name Pn. Syahira binti Sa’aban
Qualifications Master in Human Resources Management, UUM.
BBA (Hons) HRM, UiTM.
Area of Expertise Human Resource Management
E-Mail syahirasaaban@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office)  

Name Wan Mashumi b. Wan Mustafa
Qualifications Master in Business Administration, UUM
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (Marketing), UUM
Area of Expertise SME Business Marketing,
Business Entrepreneur,
Business Negotiation,
Human Behavior, Consumer Behavior
E-Mail wanmashumi@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office)  
Name Cik Syarifah Fairuz Binti Syed Radzuan
Qualifications MSc. (International Accounting), UUM
B.of.Accountancy, UiTM
Dip.of. Accountancy (UiTM)
Area of Expertise Financial Reporting
E-Mail syarifahfairuz@unimap.edu.my
Phone (Office) 04-979 7705
Name Mohd Juraij Bin Abd Rani
Qualifications MBA. (Marketing), UPM
B.Bus.Administration (Hons) Marketing, UiTM
Dip.of. Accountancy (SIIUC)
Area of Expertise Marketing
E-Mail juraijrani@unimap.edu.my
Phone (H/P) 013-6422356

Study Leave (SLAB/SLAI)

Name Cik Evawaynie Valquis Binti Md. Isa
Date of commencement April 2010
Expected Date of Completion April 2013
University UUM
Field of Study Management and Finance

Name Encik Mohd Zukime Bin Mat Junoh
Date of commencement 30 June 2009
Expected Date of Completion 29 June 2012
University UKM
Field of Study Economics

Name Encik Kamal Baharin bin Baharuddin
Date of commencement 21 Disember 2008
Expected Date of Completion 21 Disember 2011
University UKM
Field of Study Management

Name Y.M. Puan Tunku Salha Bt Tunku
Date of commencement Mula: 1 Nov 2010
Expected Date of Completion Tamat: 31 Oct 2013
Field of Study Economics

Name En Hirwan Jasbir Jaafar
Date of commencement Sept 2011
Expected Date of Completion  
University UUM
Field of Study Business Law

Name Pn. Julinawati Suanda
Date of commencement April 2012
Expected Date of Completion April 2015
University Athlone Institute of Technology
Field of Study Management
  Name Siti Sarah Mazna Bt Mohd Salleh
Date of commencement June 2012
Expected Date of Completion June 2015
University UUM
Field of Study Business Management

Study Leave (FELO)

Date of commencement
Expected Date of Completion
Field of Study

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