School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship (PPIPT) has approved its establishment on June 4, 2010. PPIPT was established with the aim to be a catalyst in the course of economic and intermediate knowledge in the field of business and management to all departments and colleges of engineering particularly as well as Perlis community in general.

Starting July 2009, PPIPT offers two degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Engineering Entrepreneurship)
  • Bachelor of Business (Honours) (International Business)

The main goal of the Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Engineering Entrepreneurship) is to produce technopreneurs to provide students with the specialized knowledge in entrepreneurship and business management as well as knowledge and skills based in engineering. This program is designed for students who are interested in entrepreneurship but want to develop their knowledge and skills base of engineering knowledge associated with the production and marketing of products based on technology and industry. It is hoped that this program later able to produce graduates who have an understanding and a more balanced skills in entrepreneurship and technical aspects through learning the basic subjects of engineering and entrepreneurship, self-reliance, is committed to the field of endeavor as well have high competitiveness to face the challenges of era of globalization.


The main goal of the Bachelor of Business (Honours) (International Business is to produce graduates who are knowledgeable as well as able to conduct their business in the international arena according to Malaysia’s growing position in the context of international trade. Graduates of this program are trained to have the ability to combine and apply the knowledge and skills learned, have skills and be self-sufficient and able to find solutions to various design problems through innovative thinking and creative as well as have a noble and admirable character.

Corporate colour for PPIPT is Fuchsia Crayola
Fuchsia colour is inspirated from the valuable diamond which is ’Rhodolite Garnet’. It means positive values such as spiritual stability,always drive to new changes, high self-esteem and humanity. Colour code for the Fuschia is Hex. Triplet #C154C1, RGB (193,84,193) dan HSV (300%, 67%,72%).

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