Technopreneurship Incubator, School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship (PPIPT), UniMAP seen as one of the platforms in new entrepreneurial culture helps engineering and technology-based among the participants. Technopreneurship incubator is to help participants start a business while reducing the risk of failure in the early stages of the business is run This plan can also be seen as a ploy to create new entrepreneurs among students to create new entrepreneurs as well as support them to start a business This could indirectly help the students be able to survive for longer periods of time in a business that was doing well. Thus, Incubators Technopreneurship, this PPIPT implemented to realize the creation of an entrepreneurial culture among the participants. The proposed location for this project is on the ground floor, the new building of the School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship, 01000 Kangar, Perlis


Incubator Technopreneurship, PPIPT specifically designed to help participants to start a business. It also provides an instructive and work space as well as an enabling environment for the participants in the early stages of starting their business. In addition, it also helps and allows students receive access to value-added and business-related information and contacts. This well-plan structured is established to connect the participants with support services to the management of business incubators that can help them improve efficiency in growing their businesses. Incubators exist in many formats and Technopreneurship Incubation, PPIPT can be categorized as an incubator of entrepreneurship development related student / student . UniMAP Incubator management will allow and encourage participants to develop as well as highlight ideas and talents, especially in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Specifically, the objectives of the PPIPT Technopreneurship Incubation was:

  • Establish companies ‘spin-off’ that is managed and owned by UniMAP students.
  • Give real experience to the students of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Nurture and cultivate entrepreneurial talent among students.


Plan Strategy

Overall, the program started with an initial exposure of the advantages of participating in Technopreneurship Incubation, PPIPT to the participants. They will be given advice about the process of starting a business or start-up companies. Participants will be introduced with the help of either the government or private agency in the process of setting up this company. Indirectly, the participants will gain knowledge and practical knowledge in relation to the establishment of other theories that are taught to them.

Target Participant

The student or alumni in general and PPIPT UniMAP particularly interested to open a business and develop their entrepreneurial talent.

Policy and Regulation

PPIPT have put policies and specific regulations to ensure the smooth running of this Technopreneurship Incubation The participants can get information from the management office PPIPT Incubator.



There are three parties involved in the plan to establish Technopreneurship Incubation, namely PPIPT, ECIP and incubatees.


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