UniMAP has taken a proactive role in establishing the School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship in the midst of its many schools of engineering. The aim is to fulfill the Malaysian government’s policies as well as meeting industry needs. Being a dynamic business and entrepreneurship institution, the school is geared towards producing high quality professional human capital who are competitive, persistent, knowledgeable and ethical.

The school also intends to develop potential entrepreneurs who will act as catalyst to the economic transformation by generating high income economy in which innovation will become the underpinning factor in achieving developed country status by the year 2020. Consequently, the school has introduced a business degree programme since 2009 known as Bachelor of Business (Engineering Entrepreneurship) (Honours). The 3-year programme exposes students to business operations, entrepreneurial skills and engineering management. The courses are conducted fully in English.


Incubator Programme

Incubators has been established everywhere in the world including Malaysia to assist startup companies. Their primary roles in providing location, consultancy, and funding have increased the rate of success of new entrepreneurs. In line with UniMAP’s aim to develop new entrepreneurs, the school has made it compulsory for second year students to be placed with companies in incubators or incubatees.

During the incubator training, students can see for themselves how companies are started and operated in the real business world. They will gain invaluable practical business experiences that are not found in classroom sessions.



The course objectives are to:

  1. Provide students with first-hand experience of the entrepreneurship and business real world.
  2. Gain knowledge of basic business startup process including company registration process, banking, new product development, marketing, networking and administration.
  • To encourage students to venture into entrepreneurship world and nurture entrepreneurship spirit among the students.


Training Date and Duration

The training duration is 10 weeks during semester breaks on Semester 2 2015/2016 session, begin on 27 June 2016 and end on 4 September 2016.


The Mechanics of the Incubator Programme

The school will need to collaborate with the incubator management as well as the incubatees. Students will be placed with incubatees upon advisement by the incubator management. The incubatee will act as mentor to the trainees (students) with the purpose of developing them as entrepreneurs.


Role of UniMAP School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship (UniMAP)

UniMAP will cooperate closely with the incubator management as well as the incubatee. At the initial stage, UniMAP will liaise with the incubator management in formal proses of validating the students and the incubator/ incubatees. Consequently, UniMAP can deal directly with the incubatee confirmation of student placement to work out issues relating to the students such as reporting for duty, work performance and discipline. PPIPT academic staff (lecturer) will represent UniMAP during academic visits for student assessment purpose.


Role of Incubator Management

At the initial stage, incubator management will act as coordinator in assigning appropriate incubatee that will accept student trainees and arranging necessary number of trainees required. Incubator managers will continue to supervise and monitor the students’ progress throughout the programme.


Role of Incubatee

Incubatees play a major role as mentor to the trainees. Incubatee will assist and guide trainees in adapting to the business environment through practical knowledge and experience sharing. This relationship is expected to equip trainees with industry information, work and entrepreneurial culture, and business networking. Mentors may encourage mentee to utilize available resources to solve business problems within their capacity.

Mentors also act supporters or sponsors to promote mentees. If necessary, mentor can be a devil’s advocate so as to guide mentee into thinking through while making decisions or developing strategies.

The relationship between mentor and mentee leans towards a partnership of working together, looking for great ideas and solving problems. If mentee seems hesitant about communicating with the mentor, then it is up to the mentor to convince the mentee that he is willing to listen at anytime.


Role of Student Trainee

Student is responsible to get a placement on any business incubator or incubatees for the purpose of this programme. This is to develop information-seeking skills, which are necessary for ones to succeed especially as entrepreneur.

In the training, student is the mentee to the incubator /incubatee and is expected to be initiative in acquiring skills and knowledge from the mentor. Mentee must pose topics of importance in order to get feedback from mentor.

Mentee must have a mentoring plan and discuss with the mentor on setting objectives, activities, and timeline. Mentee must request assistance from mentor when searching for information and use every available opportunity to learn. Mentee must be ready to share any information that is important and valuable to the mentor.

Throughout the training duration, students are required to fill up a logbook of daily activities, which must be submitted to respected lecturer together with programme final report at the end of the incubator programme.

Allowance and Accommodation

Allowance is not mandatory but UniMAP welcomes any form of incentive awarded to the students. Students are responsible for their own accommodations but UniMAP would appreciate any form of assistance in locating place to stay.


Academic Visit

For student assessment purposes, a academic staff (lecturer) will visit the student once during the training period. An appointment will be made with the incubatee and incubator management. If problem persist in setting the appointment, the assessment will be done through any form of satisfactory evaluation equivalent to the visit.



This programme emphasizes on the importance of incubators for those interested in starting a business. Students could be made aware through their interaction with the mentors. They can look forward to starting their own business after graduation. The success entrepreneurs with full support from incubators will contribute towards the economic growth at local, state and national levels. Thus, UniMAP hopes for full cooperation from the incubators and incubatees in boosting the national economic agenda.


Business Incubator in Malaysia

  • Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) technology centres
  • Technology Park Malaysia’s Innovation Incubation Centre (
  • MAD Incubator (
  • Skali E-Ventures Sdn Bhd (
  • Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) (
  • Halal Parks
  • Technology Parks
  • MSC Malaysia Incubators
    • MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre – KL
    • MAD Incubator Sdn Bhd – KL
    • KHTP Technology Incubator – Kedah
    • Usains Tech Services Sdn Bhd – Penang
    • Innovation and Commercialisation Centre (ICC),UTM – Johor
    • Melaka ICT Holdings Sdn Bhd – Melaka
    • SKALI Community Engagement Sdn Bhd – KL
    • SIRIM Tech Incubator – KL
    • Creative Cluster Sdn Bhd – Sarawak
    • Sohosuite – KL
    • MRCB Technologies – KL
    • MSC Cyberport Sdn Bhd – Johor
    • ICT Incubator Centre Sdn. Bhd – Kelantan
    • Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd – KL
    • MSC Malaysia Pahang Incubator – Pahang
    • Com Sdn Bhd – Penang
    • Nova Founders Malaysia Sdn Bhd – KL
    • ICUBE Innovation Sdn Bhd – Sarawak
    • VLT Labs Sdn Bhd – KL
    • Gamefounders Asia Sdn Bhd – KL
    • Tune Labs Sdn. Bhd. – KL
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